Autism and Gender Equity

Autism and Gender Equity

Autism and Gender Equity 1547 2062 Dr. Menon

Dr. Menon was an invited speaker at an international conference in February 2023. She had the opportunity to share insights from her clinical work about gender differences in diagnoses, common misdiagnoses, and how to collaborate with fellow therapists.

Megan Gunnell, host of the Thriving Well Institute conference, said “Dr. Menon takes a complicated subject and makes it accessible for all audiences. She has a depth of knowledge and wisdom to share and captivates her audience with the perfect blend of case stories and research. ”

Other therapists in the audience had the following to say “Fantastic presenter. Exceptional session and approach to sharing information”, “Amazing presentation! I learned so much and it gave me a TON of resources and food for thought”, “Dr. Menon shared excellent interventions and resources that will be useful in my work with clients today.” These responses are so humbling and motivating!

Here’s a more detailed post of the content:

Dr. Menon shared some general information and addressed some myths during a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” too. It got 1.5 million views! Check out the summary:

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