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  • Thrive Collective was founded by Dr. Vinita Menon and Dr. Melissa Terry for the sole purpose of helping individuals and families make meaningful changes in their lives. As school and clinical psychologists, we have both the training and real-life experience to come alongside you and your family to help you envision and then achieve a more balanced, peaceful, and goal-directed life. We will take the time and space you need to feel heard. You may be on your own and need a partner. Or, you may be juggling many responsibilities and have a lot of people counting on you to stay strong. For a little while, let us help you take care of yourself. We are passionate about ensuring that you leave the assessment or therapy process equipped with real-life strategies that will improve your life right away.

  • Every case is a shared case between the founders. At Thrive Collective, you have access to our combined knowledge and experience in schools, universities, private clinics, group homes, and child and adult mental health service agencies. We have purposefully formed our practice to allow flexibility and customization in services and individualized attention.

  • Sometimes a person needs hourly therapy on a regular basis. Other times, a shorter check-in or some quick troubleshooting is enough to remove the roadblock and continue growth. Through the intake and goal-planning process, we can collaborate and make a plan that suits your needs and lifestyle. Whether you are looking to confirm or clarify a diagnosis or want to get proactive about learning skills that improve your well-being, we would love to join you on the next steps of your journey

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Where we began

When Dr. Vinita Menon and Dr. Melissa Terry connected, they learned they had a lot in common. Initially, they found common ground in their passion for their clients and in their desire to provide support for them.

Later, they learned they were both raised in the Chicago area. Then they bonded over the fun and challenges of raising two strong, smart and sassy daughters or daydreaming about being event planners or professional organizers. Often, they were both thinking big about changing systems and services to meet the critical needs they heard about from clients, colleagues, family and friends.

Out of these conversations, the idea for a modern, innovative practice emerged.