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Therapy for Children and Parents

Deeper connection with your child and more peace in your home is possible

“Who are you and where did you learn THAT from?”

—Me, gritting my teeth and wondering about my child as she crumbles into another meltdown.

Are you wondering if this is just normal kid stuff or if there is something more going on? Finally, you’ve reached the point where you want another opinion—this is where we come in.

Whether you and your child are struggling to manage a new developmental stage or your child has challenges that are affecting their life at home, school, and beyond, we’ve been there and we can help! We’ll give you practical information and empathetic support in a straightforward, non-judgmental way.

Our goal

We make sure clients leave each session with practical strategies and next steps. We often involve parents in part or all of the session so that they can learn the same strategies and continue the progress between sessions. By including the parents in sessions, we help parents feel more fulfilled and empowered to handle challenges at home.

Is your child or family experiencing any of these common situations where therapy has been proven to help?

  • Emotional meltdowns that are hard to calm
  • Never-ending sibling conflict
  • Divorce/big life transitions & co-parenting
  • Unusual or extreme behaviors at school

If so, get in touch with us now and let’s get started!

Benefits of child and parent therapy:
  • Your child can learn to better manage their behaviors and emotions.
  • You as the parent can better understand your child as you navigate each new stage.
  • Both of you can gain more confidence as your lives outside of therapy sessions become less chaotic and more calm.

The Process

1st session

Intake meeting with just the parent(s) to get more information about their concerns and learn more about the child’s history.

2nd session (and sometimes 3rd)

Focus on building a relationship with the child and helping them better understand their strengths and introducing the skills we’ll be working on together.

Remaining sessions

Target specific concerns by giving kids and parents tools to handle difficult situations.


Throughout our process, kids AND parents are being taught new skills and we often recommend new strategies to try at home or school.

Wrapping up

Sessions are discontinued or paused when kids feel better about themselves and their unique abilities, when they feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin, and when parents feel more prepared with what to do and say when tough moments do arise.

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