Our Services

For Professionals

Supervision, case consultation, and training

Clinical Supervision

Lifelong learning is the cornerstone for a successful professional. Dr. Terry and Dr. Menon can provide formal clinical supervision for graduate students, post-doctoral students and peer supervision for working professionals.

These confidential, individual sessions provide an opportunity for didactic teaching, reflecting on the therapeutic process, case conceptualization, reviewing therapeutic techniques, strategies, and theoretical frameworks.

Our supervision partnership can accelerate the growth of a clinician’s applied skills. References available on request.

Professional Development

Dr. Terry and Dr. Menon are available for presentations to a wide range of audiences. We would be happy to work with your organization or team to create a targeted and engaging training or workshop. Past presentation topics include but are not limited to:

  • Child Development in a Changing World
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
  • Managing ADHD in the Classroom
  • Autism
  • Executive Functioning skills
  • “Failure to Launch”: A presentation geared towards the parents of young adults
  • FBAs/BIPs

Tailored Presentations

We can develop a customized presentation or series for your target audience. Through the use of planning surveys and interviews we ensure buy-in from all stakeholders.