Our Services

Psychological Testing

Professional assessments for individuals and school districts

We can help you find answers to a wide range of questions about yourself or your child.

Perhaps you’re wondering if you’re seeing signs of autism in your girl or boy. Does he or she have trouble focusing on a task or remembering what you’ve asked them to do? Do you have concerns about how your child is connecting with his or her peers socially?

Psychological testing can be a great way to help people answer questions about themselves or their child. More importantly, psychological evaluations are useful to identify a person’s strengths—not just their weaknesses! Our goal for each evaluation is to provide you with answers to your questions and practical recommendations for moving forward.

Dr. Menon and Dr. Terry have extensive training in administering a wide range of psychological assessments using the most up-to-date tests and technology. As school and clinical psychologists, we bring a unique perspective grounded in wide ranging experiences across educational and healthcare settings to inform our testing and diagnostic process. We provide testing services for children (ages 3-18) and adults.

The Process

  1. Meet for comprehensive intake appointment (in-person or telehealth options available) to gather historical information and develop a clear picture of the current questions or concerns that are bringing you in for an evaluation.
  2. We develop a testing proposal, including the cost, the specific questions to be answered, and a breakdown of the types of tests we will use to answer those questions.
  3. Testing is done over the course of 2-3 sessions. The tests include a combination of face-to-face assessments completed in the office or via telehealth and questionnaires that are completed by the client and/or people who know the client well. We can also do school observations to better understand how a child is performing at school.
  4. Once all testing and questionnaires are finished, we prepare a thorough report of the testing results along with specific, practical recommendations for you and/or your child.

We will review the results and provide you with the report in a feedback session (in-person or telehealth options available) 3-4 weeks after completion of testing.

We offer the following testing and assessment services:
  • Assessment for academic concerns/ specific learning disorders
  • ADD/ADHD testing
  • Autism testing
  • Diagnosis of behavior disorders
  • Dyslexia testing
  • Testing for giftedness/gifted and talented programs
  • Independent educational evaluations (link to For Schools page)
  • Mood disorders (Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar disorder, etc.)
  • SSDI/Social Security Disability Insurance evaluations
  • Testing for college accommodations

Additional Services

We also offer follow-up counseling to interpret test results and develop skills to thrive with them.

Testing FAQs

  • Not all clients need an evaluation, but sometimes questions about the specific symptoms or behaviors you or your child are experiencing are best sorted out through testing. Testing can also be useful in helping a student access accommodations and additional services at school. It can be a starting point to advocate for yourself or your child.

  • The tests that we administer are designed to discover a person’s strengths and weaknesses. So some parts will be easy, while others are more challenging. Most people find the evaluation process interesting and fun, far different from taking old-school scantron tests. We also do our best to schedule testing sessions at times for optimal performance and across several sessions.

ADHD Testing

We know that accurate ADHD testing can be a complex process, so we work closely with the client and often with other relatives or colleagues to develop a clear picture of the concerns and how they are impacting the client’s life. Our process for ADHD testing includes face-to-face testing, a thorough interview and review of available records, and questionnaires completed by 2 or more sources. We can also do classroom observations when appropriate.

Autism Testing

An evaluation for Autism requires both a broad look and a detailed analysis. Whether you are seeking testing for a child, adolescent or adult, our process includes face-to-face testing, interviews, a comprehensive review of developmental history, observations and questionnaires.

We look thoroughly at social behavior, language development, success in school or on the job. Our evaluations also consider co-occurring conditions such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and mood disorders.

Dyslexia Testing

The path to becoming a fluent reading can be a winding path. The International Dyslexia Association estimates that as many as 60% of learners will need more specific, structured reading instruction to become a successful reader. Let us help you figure out how your child learns best and which aspects of the reading process are a challenge for them. Since dyslexia can affect a student in a range of areas, testing includes a review of records and face-to-face testing across the academic areas of reading, math, and writing.