chaos to calm
stuck to successful
alone to connected
overwhelmed to confident

Whether you’re looking for individual therapy or testing, consultation for an educational system, or professional mentoring, Thrive Collective can help. Located in Ottawa, IL and online.

What we specialize in

Children & Parents

Parenting Relief | Behavior Management

Get the support you need to better understand your child’s unique needs.

Young Adults & Adults

Anxiety | Life Transitions | Stress Management

Life is full of challenges and you don’t have to navigate them alone.

Psychological Testing

Learning Disabilities | ADHD | Autism

Get clarity on strengths and challenges and resources for moving forward.

Schools & Districts

Consultation | Training | Testing | IEEs

Expertise to effectively serve your students.


Supervision | Mentoring

Support for graduate students & practicing clinicians.

Not sure
what you need?

That’s ok!
Find the right fit for you.

Dr. Vinita Menon & Dr. Melissa Terry

We’re glad you found us.

Collaboration is at the core of our practice. We are both licensed clinical psychologists and nationally certified school psychologists from the Chicago area. We share a passion for serving clients across the lifespan and transforming systems to better support them.

On a personal level, we love being psychologists and infuse our work with healthy doses of social justice, personal warmth, and humor. Learn more about how we bring our skills and professional experience together to help you thrive.

Online Therapy

Sometimes talking to a professional virtually is best. We offer secure online psychological services under the authority of PSYPACT that can fit your schedule and get you the help you need. Our in-person office is located in Ottawa, IL but we offer online therapy in Illinois and more than 35 states (and counting!) with our online therapy services.

Provider Referrals

Do you think one of your patients could benefit from working with Thrive Collective? We’ve made it easy for you! Send us some simple information and we’ll take it from there.

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