Mind keeps jumping

Mind keeps jumping 150 150 MTCadmin

My mind keeps jumping from topic to topic. It distracts me so I just tune out.

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Can’t plan ahead

Can’t plan ahead 150 150 MTCadmin

I can’t plan ahead even for important things.

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Always running late

Always running late 150 150 MTCadmin

My friends and family get annoyed with me because I’m always running late.

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Impossible to-do list

Impossible to-do list 150 150 MTCadmin

It’s impossible to get started on my to-do list, unless I’m under the pressure of a deadline.

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Affecting confidence

Affecting confidence 150 150 MTCadmin

It’s affecting my confidence and people at work have started to notice.

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Trouble Paying Attention

Trouble Paying Attention 150 150 MTCadmin

I’m having a lot of trouble paying attention. Things that I’m supposed to remember just fall out of my brain!

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